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The juvenile was re-united with her family and the suspect was arrested pending charges of kidnapping.

In June 2007, a complaint was received of child victimization.

We created the Internet Crimes Unit to protect people logging onto the internet every day.” In 2006, Governor Blagojevich established the ISP Internet Crimes Unit to fight internet crime, protect families and communities from sexual predators and give law enforcement the tools and resources they need to go after criminals.

The ICU is dedicated solely to combating online crime, including identity theft, child pornography and drug solicitation.

Internet offenses such as Internet solicitation, Internet fraud, or possession of child pornography are serious crimes with devastating consequences.

If you are under investigation for or have been charged with an Internet crime, trust your rights and future to experienced Chicago defense attorney Hal M. Attorney Garfinkel is a former prosecutor, which allows him to anticipate the prosecution's tactics and counter them with a well planned defense.

Depending on the charges being made against you, not only will you have to face serious penalties such as expensive fines and imprisonment, but you may also be required to register as a sex offender.

This can significantly reduce your chances of obtaining adequate employment in the future because most employers will hesitate in hiring someone with a sexual conviction on their record. Seek the aggressive defense of Johnson Law Group as soon as possible.

The case was investigated and is pending prosecution.

Trent today reminded adolescents, parents, and consumers of the dangers associated with using the internet during the holiday season.

As the internet continuously reaches more people worldwide, it also affords new opportunities for criminals.

In this case, the victim had met the suspect on line and corresponded via text messaging.

After running away with the assistance of the suspect, the victim and suspect were located hours later in Missouri.