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She can hug and spend time with loved-ones and friends without decontaminating.

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I’m usually on Fridays, so you guys may be looking for Me, but I am going to a wedding! haha) Saturday I’ll be recovering for said wedding. Some of you know the old adage, “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”, basically an admonishment to be nice so people will cooperate with you. I have a couple of long time clients I am always nice too, because they are more into sensual Domination, being charmed and making Me happy because they are so charmed.I enjoy those men, but they do not commonly come into My sights.I get kind of a “writer’s block” This is creative work, and it doesn’t just spew out on demand. ) I think My mind should be obedient and obey My commands to create fun content you want that profits Me, but funny, My mind is often disobedient! Mondays about 7 to midnight Tuesdays about 7 to midnight Wed about 7 to midnight Thursdays about 7 to midnight Fridays about 2 pm to midnight Saturdays: Weep in your pillow, but still send In other news, My webpages are being transferred to a new server sometime in the next few days.I suppose that’s why I’m the one in charge, and not you! I am taking more afternoons off for the next 2-3 weeks. Rough Mistress Lauren schedule the next couple of weeks All times in Eastern Standard Time Note, on days I am available in the afternoon, I take about an hour break around 6 pm for dinner. They have promised Me they won’t go down, so keep your fingers crossed for Me.

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Mmmmmm sissy lily was back for another round of use, this time for 0.

When you serve Me, you serve an intelligent Woman who never stops learning.

Sometimes I learn things that make Me more dangerous (like NLP or graphic design) Sometimes I just learn something because *I* want to learn it. Serving Me means buying Me stuff that that pleases *ME* not stuff that pleases you.

You will also notice lots of French study books on My list.

Yes, I’m planning to start studying French, and I am in the materials gathering stage.