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Ani says it’s generally a good idea to make it clear that you’re thinking about her outside of the space in which you usually see her, ‘I thought about you the other day when…’ I remember feeling the first glow of mutual interest when Ani commented that a song on her car stereo always made her think of me.

Other things that have worked in the past are meals involving sexy food (strawberries, ice-cream) and giving compliments (particularly about something she has achieved since so many women find appearance compliments hard to take).

For the rest of the weekend women could be heard telling each other how nice their hair smelt, and there was a definite sense that much WHGOGA was going on in those cramped halls-of-residence bedrooms. () In the next edition I’ll be exploring the issue of openness in communication about sex.

Feel free to email me with any suggestions, questions or particularly positive/negative experiences you’ve had on this topic.

Trish’s killer line, found to be successful nine times out of ten is ‘your hair smells nice’.

Another tried and tested technique is inviting the object of your affection to sit and look at the stars with you.

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The bi women at the workshop that Trish and I ran pointed out that there are fewer visible cues for bisexual women than there are for lesbians.

We were attending an academic conference together and obviously connected very well.

She was worried that it’d just be another time when a relationship went too far down the friendship route to come back to flirtation, so, on the last night of the conference, she told me that she was made up to have made such a good new friend, but that she’d love for something to happen between us if I felt that way too.

However, several of us were also testament to the fact that not all lesbians are anti-bi.

When asked whether they approach men and women differently, some of Trish’s respondents said that they didn’t distinguish, but several of them said that there were differences: they were shyer around women, they generally relied on people approaching them and women just don’t do this as much as men, or, as one woman said ‘I guess with men I’m a lot less bothered by the thought of possible rejection’.