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Art and culture can be thoroughly enjoyed at the National Gallery of Canada which boasts a prized collection of Canadian art housed in a stunning building made from glass and granite.
Outside researchers rarely get to work with private messages like this — it’s the most sensitive content users generate and even anonymized and aggregated, message data is rarely allowed out of the holiest of holies in the database.

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If you are 18, and the Juvenile Obscene Acts protects anyone under the age of 17, you could face a misdemeanor charge for corruption of a minor.

Despite what your favorite anime or manga depicts, relationships for anyone under the age of 20 holds a lot of baggage.

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That is the highest age of consent in the developed world!

This law throws another wrinkle in Japan’s age of consent.

What people fail to understand is that is youths between the ages of 16 to 18 (depending on the prefecture) can have sexual relationships with each other.

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