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Firebird psql updating

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Before trigger is for checking data and deciding if operation should be permitted.If exception is thrown from before trigger then operation is aborted and no data are changed.These trigger types are referred to as "Schema-level triggers". Performing conditional actions in triggers (or testing data following modification) is done through accessing the temporary Inserted and Deleted tables. The following functionality in SQL:2003 was previously not implemented in Postgre SQL: Firebird supports multiple row-level, BEFORE or AFTER, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE (or any combination thereof) triggers per table, where they are always "in addition to" the default table changes, and the order of the triggers relative to each other can be specified where it would otherwise be ambiguous (POSITION clause.) Triggers may also exist on views, where they are always "instead of" triggers, replacing the default updatable view logic.(Before version 2.1, triggers on views deemed updatable would run in addition to the default logic.) Firebird does not raise mutating table exceptions (like Oracle), and triggers will by default both nest and recurse as required (SQL Server allows nesting but not recursion, by default.) Firebird's triggers use NEW and OLD context variables (not Inserted and Deleted tables,) and provide UPDATING, INSERTING, and DELETING flags to indicate the current usage of the trigger.Suppose you have a trigger that is called on an INSERT to a certain table.If your trigger is using the BEFORE option, the code within the trigger will be executed before the INSERT into the table occurs.

Since version 9.7 IBM DB2 supports autonomous transactions.

A trigger in Sedna is set on any nodes of an XML document stored in database.

When these nodes are updated, the trigger automatically executes XQuery queries and updates specified in its body.

An example of implementation of triggers in non-relational database can be Sedna, that provides support for triggers based on XQuery.

Triggers in Sedna were designed to be analogous to SQL:2003 triggers, but natively base on XML query and update languages (XPath, XQuery and XML update language).