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I want to do a Count IF like in Excel that counts the number of records with "L" in the Field "SAT 1".

By storing information in properly categorized fields within well-organized tables, you impart both function and meaning to what would otherwise be an incomprehensible pile of raw data.

We found it in a 15 year old File Maker project we are updating that was developed prior to File Maker 7. One last thing: Get Nth Record is very helpful when marking or eliminating duplicates.

Sort the records by a given field, such as the phone number, and use the Get Nth Record function to look back at the previous record's phone number to compare.

Here's one of the actual commands: Get Nth Record ( APV_don:: Amount; count(APV_don:: Mem ID) ) To locate the last record, we used the Count function to count the total number of related foreign keys, which will always return the number of the last record.

Note also the unusual naming convention for the foreign key, mem ID.

We don't cover relational databases in this chapter, but it is on that tab that you would create the relational associations among tables in your solution.

Notice the Table pop-up menu on the Fields tab of the dialog in Figure 3.1.0"; "number" ) I expect a result of total number of records that meat the criteria, but the output is always "1" when criteria meets. or this function has to be used to count Fields in other related table? Do I need any special setting on my data to make it working? I tried to count in both current table and related table, either result shows a counter of 1, 2, 3, 4.... Hello Genx, I still can get the function working properly. Instead of sum the values that meet the condition, it copies the values that meet the condition.At that point, you can choose to create an empty database or to create a database from a Starter Solution.In File Maker Pro 10, the Quick Start screen also lets you choose to create a database from an Excel workbook, a tab-delimited text file, a comma-separated values text file, a merge file, or a Bento source.File Maker Pro's Manage Database dialog allows you to create the fields, tables, and relationships you need to form your database.