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Failed while updating the boot sectors for disk

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To center the menu and adjust resolution, use MENU RESOLUTION 800 600 # or whatever your screen resolution is MENU WIDTH 78 # width of the menu also required to bring the menu box to size MENU VSHIFT 10 # moves menu down MENU HSHIFT 10 # moves menu right VESA standards are commonly a maximum of 25 rows and 80 columns, so going higher than those values might move the menu off the screen, potentially requiring editing from a rescue CD.The kernel parameters are set by using the entry, a maximum of one APPEND line is accepted (i.e. It is recommended to make the following changes for the "fallback" entry as well.Otherwise, the root filesystem is going to be the NFS mount itself, so those are relative to the root of the NFS server.

While an ext4 formatted USB drive may boot on a more recent computer, some computers may hang if the boot partition containing the kernel and initrd are not on a FAT16 partition.

But with Syslinux, it is only able to load files residing on the same partition as the configuration file.

Thus, if you have another version of Linux on a separate partition, without a shared , it becomes necessary to employ EXTLINUX rather than the other OS's default bootloader (eg. Essentially, EXTLINUX can be installed on the partition superblock/VBR and be called as a separate bootloader right from the MBR installed by Syslinux.

Also, make sure the boot flag is not enabled on the Windows partition. The MBR that comes with Syslinux looks for the first active partition that has the boot flag set.

The Windows partition was likely found first and had the boot flag set.