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You can see how the still-nascent disciplines of child psychology and pediatrics pounce on the problem of masturbation.

Ex girlfriend is dating other guys

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And if he’s an old friend who’s back in town and on the scene, he may very well be trying to rekindle old flames that wouldn’t spark before his star burned bright.

This scenario is particularly difficult to dodge, but the worst thing you can do is act as though the famous friend is somehow better or more worthy of her attentions than you are.

He could be a genuine friend who simply has deep affection for her—or he could be a fox who’s coming around to revisit the local henhouse.

A lot of famous and infamous guys, especially those who are on the lower rungs of fame, see female conquests as a scorecard.

You might just find out that he’s a great guy and fun to be around!

But if he’s a playboy, your attention and self-confidence will let him know that your guard is up and your girlfriend is spoken for.

1) When she Sees a Friend you’re not Allowed to Meet Of course everyone needs a little alone time now and then, sometimes even with an opposite-sex friend.

But when your wife or girlfriend goes out for drinks with Charlie Goodtimes and you’re not allowed to come along, and it happens several times in a row , there’s a reason you’re not meeting this guy.

Sometimes people of the opposite sex can get into a companionship that, while not sexual, is comfortable and mutually beneficial in a way quite similar to that of husband and wife.

Tell her that if the friendship is innocent, so would be a round of drinks for all three of you.

2) When her most Recent Ex Tries to Reconnect Sure, sometimes people do break up yet remain good, platonic friends.

Rather, he may want to assess whether she still has feelings for him, and if so, he might be more than happy to “take back” what he considers his, even just for a night or three. Let your girlfriend know that you’re a little uncomfortable with her seeing her ex, especially considering all the bad things she’s told you about him.

If she still wants to see him for a chat, then don’t be a cad about it, but try to steer her into a lunchtime reunion instead of midnight cocktails.