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Everything i know about dating i learned from surfing

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Remain calm, you want to be able to hold your breath at any given time while out in the ocean.You never know when a wave could break on you, or in front of you.Well here is my list for the top 10 things every beginner surfer must know before paddling out! Your average water temperature will determine what wetsuit thickness you should purchase or rent. You will also want to check with your local surf shop about the right wetsuit thickness for your area.You want to learn to surf, not get beat up and held down and thrashed around. As mentioned above every day is different you need to respect the ocean.Do your homework and this can make the difference in having a good first experience or a bad one! It may be your first day off in a month, but the current conditions are 14' W swells @ 13 seconds.

Knowing what to do if you are caught in a rip current can save your life! Surfers that surf the same spots a lot start to feel like that spot is theirs. If you are a beginner you probably should not surf the same spots as the locals until your skill level improves.You then can paddle parallel to shore and work your way in. Waves not fully breaking in the rip (usually deeper in the rip because it is a channel for water to head seaward) and the water seems to be choppy and headed back out to sea.2.Remember do not fight the ocean, try to work with it. You may see objects or other surfers being pulled out to sea rapidly with little or no effort.3. It may be murkier from sediment, or greener from depth.4.You will find that most of the locals are regular guys and gals who when treated nicely, and with respect will respond in the same way (Yes, I know their are exceptions).3.Do not show up with a big crowd of people to the local hot spot. Well to start with, in the white water (already broken waves) you will want to catch your first few waves in a prone position (laying down).They like to take a sense of ownership of the spot, and feel like they should get all, or most of the waves out there, and new people who show up are considered the intruders. You will most likely just get in their way and give your self and the locals a bad experience.2.