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‘I also tried speed dating, which was new to me, where you have to decide if you like a man in four minutes.

They are all going to flick away like mad.’ Let’s hope people flick right on her new book as much as she’s no doubt been doing on Tinder.

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Her first work was a one act play about the dangers of letting dogs off their leashes, written when she was seven.

Since then she’s worked as a waitress, fundraiser, and freelance writer.

In the actual world she was so bored she considered stabbing herself with a steak knife, just to make something interesting happen. But chapter 6 and on was great and I'm glad I stuck with it.

Camille looked across the table at her date and wondered what he would do. Be practical and use his tie as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding? He’d probably just keep telling her the same endless story about his mother’s begonias while she bled to death. One thing is for certain, a strong suspension of disbelief is required.