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They added many more elements to it, with one being the introvert-extrovert dimension. Extroverts I don’t want to bore you by explaining all the different combinations that make up ALL the 16 personality types.

So, I’ll just touch upon the difference between introverts and extroverts, since most people think they know what that means.

Although INTJs are known for keeping people at a distance, they are nonetheless capable of forming friendships and falling in love.

In a major study, it was found that INTJs rated their relationships and friendships as the least satisfying of all the types (Myers, Mc Caulley, Quenk & Hammer, 1998) and this is typical of rational types in general who statistically report the lowest satisfaction rates in relationships of all the temperament groups.

According to another study (Marioles, Strickert & Hammer, 1996) male INTJs were 3.85 times more likely than average to marry a female INTJ, while female INTJs were 2.22 times more likely than average to marry a male INTJ.A study also found that minus a few exceptions (such as the ENTJ and ESTP), all types tend to marry similar rather than dissimilar types to that of their own.David Keirsey, the author of “Please Understand Me” posited that the perceiving preference was the most important factor in determining cross-type compatibility.[Read: Introverts vs Extroverts – Which side are you on?] Yes, as a rule, introverts do like to be alone more than extroverts do.Later, with the help of her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, they based their personality test on Carl Jung’s theory that there are four ways people experience the world: sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking.