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Next our brain and central nervous system are tuned to this frequency range as evidenced by the medically established EEG brain state frequencies from low delta to high Beta.

Next Sisken and Walker proved that the tissues in our body resonate primarily to this frequency range and Adey and Bawin showed that the actual biological window of our cells resonates to this range and NOT outside of it.

Finally and perhaps most incredible is the research of Dr.

Zimmerman, co-pioneer of the SQUID technology developed for measuring very weak magnetic fields. It’s interesting that you can easily rearrange the word “Earth” and get “Heart”.

The earth itself emits frequencies which are all important for life to exist.

These are the earth’s natural PEMFs that we need as an essential element for life and our health.

Some animals can see into the infrared and ultraviolet, but the human eye can only detect around 400 – 700 nm wavelength which is around 10^14 cycles per second (a VERY HIGH frequency) corresponding to colors red through violet.

First the earth emanates primarily this frequency range through both the Schumann resonance and its higher harmonics and also the frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field and its higher harmonics.

The lowest frequencies in this spectrum are radio waves that can have a wavelength up to several hundred miles.

Then, in order of increasing frequency, there is microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays.

And just as a piano has varying octaves of “C”, so too does Schumann frequencies have higher octaves or harmonics, the primary ones being in the 0-30 Hz range, which as we’ll see in the next section is the most important frequency range for or body, mind and cells .

Note: the first harmonic of 7.83 is by far the strongest with each subsequent harmonic diminishing in intensity.