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Eldest child dating youngest child

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How many of you moms being the oldest child in your family feel targeted at times for being independent, standing up for what you believe and always being misunderstood for your good intentions.

She wanted to follow the same career path as I did and always got comments such as "oh, but your sister did better at this, your sister did her internship in that place, chose this foreign language...".''But the fact remains that in the majority of scenarios, parents favour their younger children.''This might be because they are the baby of the family, because they are more demanding, or because they find that children simply need less attention as they get older.'' The study also found although elder children are often side-lined in preference to their younger sibling, more than half of parents polled claimed to have bonded more quickly with their first child.Now I'm 63 and I still hear how demanding and bossy I am – old resentments die hard. does not mean it is congruent with a child's age development or cognition or maturity. at: org You will learn some skills in dealing with the Oldest Adult Child Syndrome. Our older siblings aren't problems at all they just live further away from our mom and she just preferred to ask us for help. And when I am not "expected" I do it anyway b/c the rest of the group won't.And I still feel tremendous pressure from my mom and 3 younger sisters to take care of them emotionally and financially, even though most of them have sometimes made much larger salaries than I do. I've made a priority of learning to be less enabling with my siblings, and my mother as well, and it's challenging, having been trained in it for most of my life. I have deferred my needs and personal welfare again and again over decades. It is also good for Middle Adult Child Syndrome and Youngest Adult Child Syndrome. And the thing is I do SO much but still I am not the favorite.What scares me the most is what will happen at the point where my parents are no longer able to care for themselves. It will be an interesting phase in our marriage and lives..