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Easter dating lunar calenar

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This was not accepted by the northern church, however, and the controversy continued for some years after.It may seem like Easter is late this year, but according to the lunar calendar, it's right on time.The Christian feast of Easter was supposed to occur after Passover.However, to further separate Christianity and Judaism, the relationship with Passover was replaced with a rule to celebrate Easter on the first Sunday after the spring (vernal) equinox.The dates of Easter had to be recalculated and recalibrated to counterbalance the accumulated error.To make things more complicated, different groups of medieval Christians calculated the date of Easter according to slightly different rules, and the rules and calculations changed over time.The church also decided that Easter should occur on a Sunday which added another layer of complication.

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The reason that the date moves each year is because medieval Christianity sought to align the holiday in time as closely as possible with the Jewish feast of Passover but not to base its calculation on the Jewish calculation for the date of Passover.

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This week, perhaps without knowing it, you are experiencing a medieval resolution to a conflict between the lunar and solar calendars.

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