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Dyslexics dating marriage and parenthood

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Dr Mathew Mathews, senior research fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies and research consultant for the 2016 survey, said that singles need to be more proactive instead of leaving dating to chance if they aspire to get married.

Statistics show that more Singapore residents in their mid to late 20s are staying single.

Among those not dating seriously, 42 per cent are leaving dating to chance.Then we paid for a £1,000 online course, which announced on the last page: “You can read. ” Only George still couldn’t.’Finally, Fiona gave up all the treatments and employed a tutor who — rather than offering a modish cure for dyslexia — simply used the traditional reading technique of phonics, which uses basic word and sound repetition.While difficulty decoding words is a real condition (scans appear to show differences in the way the brain is wired in dyslexics and non-sufferers), a growing number of experts say the term is now being used all too readily to explain any difficulty a child has in reading and writing."The aspirations captured in the survey give us hope.It also points to what more we can do as a community to help our fellow Singaporeans achieve those aspirations," wrote Mrs Teo.They make up 70 per cent of the people in their age group in 2015, a sharp rise from 50 per cent about 15 years ago, according to the latest General Household Survey.