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I love the sound of them with flats played with a pic to get that thumping sound. Our own Tom Guitar has some of the nicest early EB-2's I've seen if he happens to see this.....
In that time he has played around the world with a seemingly endless list of musicians and well known for his improvisational style of saxophone playing. Their “Women & Work” album is a love letter to their hometown, and it blends Lucero’s style with the sounds of Stax Records and the beloved pop act Big Star.

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The attack took place outside the Druze village of Hurfeish, northern Israel.Several Druze halted the ambulance as it passed through, demanding to check if any Syrian rebels were among those being transported to hospital.To date, the hospital has treated some 582 Syrians, including men, women and children.The patients are afforded IDF protection once they arrive in Israel.These hypotheses espouse that Druze emerged from Arabian tribes such as the Tanukhs or Itureans, from Persian populations (a theory grounded in the lexical similarities between Persian and Druze texts century A. However, none of these hypotheses are supported by incontestable evidence leaving the population history of the Druze unresolved.This study aims to employ genetic tools to generate a more comprehensive history of Druzism..

These studies reported that the Galilee Druze exhibit a high diversity of both X1 (15.6%) and X2 (11.1%) mitochondrial haplogroups relative to other Near Eastern populations.The mixed Near Eastern–Middle Eastern localisation of the Druze, shown using both modern and ancient DNA data, is distinct from that of neighbouring Syrians, Palestinians and most of the Lebanese, who exhibit a high affinity to the Levant.Druze biogeographic affinity, migration patterns, time of emergence and genetic similarity to Near Eastern populations are highly suggestive of Armenian-Turkish ancestries for the proto-Druze. D., remains a fascinating question in history, cultural anthropology and genetics.We evaluated our findings in light of three hypotheses purporting to explain Druze history that posit Arabian, Persian or mixed Near Eastern-Levantine roots.The biogeographical analysis localised proto-Druze to the mountainous regions of southeastern Turkey, northern Iraq and southeast Syria and their descendants clustered along a trajectory between these two regions.This parallelism allows inferring the geographic regions where populations with a population structure similar to that of the Druze reside.