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Geologists draw on it and other basic principles ( to determine the relative ages of rocks or features such as faults.

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But still, that’s not the part you’re not going to believe.

My bus route starts a block north of our condo, so I’m usually the first person on my bus in the morning.

It's my second time going.let me just say, it's getting better as the years grow on me.

If you've never seen her in person, I totally suggest you do. She does the best job at teaching us that every life "drama" filled situation as a Momma and Wife are funny! Our speaker, one of my most abso-favorite Blogger/Speaker/Writer/Proverbs 31 Woman; Lysa Ter Keurst ! She is no different than any other Momma, other than the fact that she is a super amazingly published author. God has filled me with his passion and I know I have the Love to share it with anyone who needs it. The night was an encouraging, heart lifting and faith empowering one.

In fact, she wasn’t even one of the three or four drivers I’ve come to recognize on my route.

She was pleasant and smiley, but she didn’t hand me my damn phone. There’s still a minuscule chance the phone will be sitting in my seat when I get back there.

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And when I got to my seat—and here finally is the part you’re not going to believe—there was a goddamned cell phone sitting right where I usually plop my butt. And when I got to work this morning I called the CTA’s lost and found myself to reap my sweet reward.She is the smallest, most soft spoken but powerfully spoken woman. Her soft words of Momma wisdom filled with peace, faith and love just filled every space in my heart with joy and true hope. Finally, a singer a tiny woman with a powerhouse voice! You can't help but jump out of your seat and lift your soul in praise! That will definitely allow this year to be my year of ! I was at peace to know that amidst the messes of our lives, and the chaos of our homes, the loud children and hustle and bustle of every day life; there is silence in Jesus. She is also a Momma , her compassion and kind heart shines through her voice and performances. We are Blessed, that she decided to share her voice... But my reward wasn’t a triumphant reunion with my poor little phone. It was the smack-in-the-face reality that my phone had never been turned in. And she’s totally gonna suffer the consequences when I rat her out to the federal grand jury. We went to dinner, caught up on our week and arrived at Grace Community Church, it's an amazing and personal space set up perfectly for praise and worship. A great comedian; Anita Renfroe, brought light to our everyday and to the night ahead. She knows that in order to make it through this life we must laugh at ourselves everyday! She stated that her and her Husband gave a gift to Jesus from their hearts; they promised that for 365 days they would reach out to a live person and give them a little bit of their time, a little bit of their money, and/or a little bit of their encouragement; in order to touch 365 lives whom God knew they would be a Blessing to. I want to be that person who gives time, money and encouragement. I hope that everyone is given the opportunity to experience a night like I had on Friday...cause I know that God is working...working lots. I have to get off downtown when the bus is its most crowded, so I always sit in the same seat right across from the back door so I can beat a hasty exit through the morning throngs.