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The operations of such extreme sites are made possible, in part, by an otherwise very mainstream internet company—Cloudflare.

Based in San Francisco, Cloudflare operates more than 100 data centers spread across the world, serving as a sort of middleman for websites—speeding up delivery of a site’s content and protecting it from several kinds of attacks.

The widespread use of Cloudflare’s services by racist groups is not an accident.

And those who desperately want to access the blocked websites usually find a way eventually (using a VPN is one way to access blocked websites from what we've heard).

The most irritating censorship is likely to be the increasing number of Wikipedia pages that are blocked; Skype (); and some search terms.

Hate sites such as have become a focus of intense interest since the racially divisive 2016 election—how popular they are, who supports them, how they are financed.

Most of their operators supported Donald Trump and helped spread a variety of conspiracy theories aimed at damaging Hillary Clinton.