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I suffer with Multiple sclerosis and although it's been tough, the one good thing that has come of it is that, it brought my partner and I together through an online disabled dating service called Whispers4Our full story is online there and I can tell you that these sites do work provided you put in the effort. I did find many who did not even respond to my emails at first and I nearly gave up. Dating is a numbers game, so why wouldn’t you want to have the most profiles to browse through and choose from as humanly possible?allows you to easily search and filter profiles for those with disabilities, as well as list your own disability on your profile if you so choose.A friend had called my office complaining he had been rejected as a client by a new matchmaking service in town.

It was by sheer chance that I ended up having a debate about dating and disability with this woman.

As someone with a handicap, I have had my fair share of troubles finding love.

Luckily, all of my non-handicapped friends have been so kind over the years to help me along the way, and tell me how I, someone with a handicap, should date. *Only look for others [people with disabilities].*Never try to date up.

*Always have your date talk for you, cut your meat for you and tell people to move out of the way as you're coming through. It's about my first serious boyfriend who had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. At first my heart skipped a beat but then I reminded myself that he was a normal person and I knew he had a good heart.

Because, you know, you can't use your voice in public. *If the most action you ever get is looking into the gorgeous blue eyes of Silvio every time he comes to help you shower, be grateful. Sure, he may not have been the guy I imagined I'd want to be with, but I did.