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They can't take your clothes, bedding or essential household equipment such as the fridge.However, bailiffs can take your car unless you can prove it's on a hire purchase agreement.But although bailiffs are oftenpainted as the bad guys, industry insiders argue that their work is crucial to society, and not a particularly nice job to do."The general public don't realise that over half of the debts that private bailiffs deal with are for criminal penalties like drugs, prostitution, assault and possession of offence weapons," explains Jamie Waller,chief executive of bailiffs JBW Group.Mr Waller says that the majority of complaints arise because the public don't understand the means by which a bailiff may enter e.g. However, he concedes that on occasions some bailiffs push their luck when gaining entry."While I don't personally approve of this I do support that they do adifficult job and on some occasions errors are made," he says.Although bailiffs can be used to recover unpaid loans and credit card debts, they're more often used to recover unpaid tax and fines."Within England and Wales bailiffs are used extensively to collect public debt – fines, income taxes, council tax and business rates, parking penalties, VAT and child support maintenance," says John Kruse, author of Bailiffs: The Law and Your Rights."In addition judgments in the County Court and High Court are enforced and commercial landlords recover rent arrears this way."There are strict rules about how bailiffs can gain entry to a property and it was this issue the Money Advice Trust examined last week.If they don't remove items they are likely to ask you to sign a 'walking possession agreement'.This means they can come back and take certain listed goods if you fail to stick to an agreed payment plan for the debt in question.

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"Too many people have experienced intrusive, expensive and stressful bailiff action and more often than not, the public do not hold bailiffs in high regard," Jonathan Djanogly MP, secretary of state at the MOJ, said.

They can seize goods straight away or come back another time, break in if necessary, and seize items then.

The Money Advice Trust found that many bailiffs blag their way into a property the first time they visit.

For the uninitiated, a bailiff is someone whose job it is to take away things belonging to people who owe money.

The things are then sold and the money is used to pay back the debt.