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She's found people who care for her, who have accepted her, who see her for who she is and don't put anything else on it.
Now Donald Trump is using the tragedy as a selling point for his presidential campaign to drum up African-American votes. She was pushing one of her kids in a stroller on her way to register her children for school when she was fatally shot.

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It gives a deadline of next Friday afternoon, May 19, to pay.The HSJ said services affected were thought include archiving systems for X-rays, pathology test results, phone and bleep systems, and patient admin systems.In a message that pops up on screens, the hackers demand 300 US dollars (£230) in the virtual currency bitcoins to relinquish control of each hacked PC.The pop-up contains a countdown clock with a deadline of next Friday.But, although all Bitcoin transactions are public, it cannot be see who made the payments.'Non urgent' appointments and operations have been postponed across the country and some hospitals have diverted ambulances to neighbouring ones to ensure patient safety.Patrick Ward, 47, had travelled with his family from his home in Steeple, Dorset, to St Bartholomew’s Hospital in Central London for open heart surgery.One by one the computers were wiped out.'Nothing was working and switching them off and on did not solve the problems.'Some of our colleagues from a neighbouring department came in and they'd been told to unplug their internet cables and await further instruction.'The health worker said the effect of such a hack on modern hospitals would be catastrophic because 'all the doctors' notes' are kept on the computers now.'They record their notes to a dictaphone during a consultation but that's only so the the notes can be typed up and stored on the computer.'It's very worrying that the impact has been so far-reaching in such a short space of time.'A Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust spokesman, which runs Colchester General, confirmed patients are being warned to told to avoid A&E where possible.

'It's very frustrating, I have to be away from my family over the weekend. But they have got a bed for me which is good.' Computer systems have been switched off or immobilised and key services including the bleeper system for doctors are also believed to be down.Bosses paid £13,140 to get their computer systems back in accordance with general FBI advice to pay up.The National Cyber Security Centre is investigating and is working with Britain's FBI - the National Crime Agency.The Microsoft spokesman said: 'Today our engineers added detection and protection against new malicious software known as Ransom: Win32.Wanna Crypt.'In March, we provided a security update which provides additional protections against this potential attack.'Those who are running our free antivirus software and have Windows updates enabled, are protected.'We are working with customers to provide additional assistance.' Prime Minister Theresa May said that British hospitals had not been deliberately targeted in a cyber attack that had encompassed a number of different countries.'This was not targeted at the NHS, it's an international attack and a number of countries and organisations have been affected,' May said.'We're aware that a number of NHS (National Health Service) organisations have reported that they've suffered from a ransomware attack.' 'We're not aware of any evidence that patient data has been compromised.' A shocked worker at Colchester General Hospital described how her office's computers were 'wiped out, one by one'.She said: 'My computer locked at about 3pm and I couldn't get anything to work.