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Most importantly its the story of Jared, his husband Jensen and their little son Tyler Jacob or TJ in short. What can happen to a little boy with his dad by his side? Just started this one, but looks like it's going to be a long one!A sudden turn of events disrupts Jared's life somehow..if for a few hours. In which Jared doesn't really know how to talk to Misha, Misha doesn't really know how Jared can exist when he's so nice, but they manage to meet somewhere in the middle. is like a unicorn, in that it's mostly a mythological creature.But neither could have expected the subtle shift that came from their meeting again, or the consequences.Based loosely on the movie Son In Law, Jared is a shy college freshman busted out of his shell by eccentric long-time student Misha Collins.

This is him fighting for his son.winning the battle. But everything goes downhill when, Jensen, after minor dispute with Jared, starts to take a better look at the younger man. put together a little promotional video, featuring two of Rory's (Alexis Bledel) main men (Um, where is Matt Czuchry aka Logan though?! But really, we need to discuss both of their hair styles, right? For more of the latest scoop on the revival, check out our rundown of everything we know so far! But he never quite forgot the kid down the street who became him best friend for two years.And now, at 28, he’s got a nice comfortable job as a translator for Morgan & Co. She might take the term ‘workaholic’ to new heights, but Jared loves her and his life is set. Publishing send over the new editor, Jared gets an unexpected surprise and Jensen finds himself with a new old friends.During a series of mishaps, disaster, secrets and confusion that include gayy chicken, compulsive stealing and loose morals, together they grow and fumble their way into love with the help of Jensen, Mike, Tom and more.