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The party warns that German culture and identity will be destroyed by migrants. An opinion poll published yesterday found that it would win 12 per cent of the vote in a national election – which would make it Germany’s third most powerful political party after Ms Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and her Social Democrat coalition partners.Ms Petry helped the Af D win seats in the east German state of Saxony in 2014 by advocating mildly anti-immigrant policies.“Police must stop migrants crossing illegally from Austria,” Ms Petry told the Mannheimer Morgen newspaper. That is what the law says.” She added: “I don’t want this either, but the use of armed force is there as a last resort.” Her remarks were the most extreme political response so far by a substantial political figure to mounting public dissatisfaction with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “open door” refugee policy and growing anxiety at the unprecedented influx of refugees and other migrants.More than 1.1 million migrants entered Germany in 2015 – the majority arriving since September.In a new campaign, some of the country's biggest brands, including Qantas, Google, Airbnb, e Bay and ANZ, have collaborated with The Equality Campaign to launch Until We Belong.This is the most public corporate declaration of support for marriage equality ever in Australia, and it asks Aussies to wear a broken ring — it looks like a wedding band with a piece missing.A poll issued last week showed that 40 per cent of Germans now wanted Ms Merkel to resign.The Af D is attracting growing support for its vitriolic anti-migrant stance.

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“For decades its seemed as if the rise of a politician like Björn Höcke was impossible,” wrote Die Welt newspaper.Watch the moving campaign video above, and order your ring to show your support.A German politician has called for police to be allowed to shoot at migrants.An unspoiled land, sunny climate and misty afternoons give Ka‘u coffee its characteristic deep flavors.One esteemed coffee taster described a special Ka‘u coffee as "the taste of chocolate, cherry, and coconut, accented with floral notes of orchid and citrus flowers." Unique cultivating practices including hand picking, sun drying, warm sunny mornings and misty afternoon rains and fertile volcanic soils combine with the passion and aloha of Ka‘u farmers to produce some of the finest coffees grown anywhere.Ms Petry, who has a degree from the University of Reading, was elected party leader in an internal putsch last July which ousted its middle-class and academic former leaders, who were mostly concerned with opposing the euro.