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This is despite the fact that most modern, accepted treatments = expensive, with possibly harmful side effects, may/may not even work, usually become ineffective when discontinued (which means you are chained for life), only seeks to treat the surface symptoms, abandons even the pretense of healing as its aim (this last one makes me want to alternately cry and tear my hair out because it is sheer madness… Meanwhile, the method of treatment I’m proposing (castor oil) is so simple, cheap and effective that many will write it off without even giving it a chance.

After all, how can it work when it’s not expensive, painful and harmful to us, right?

I wasn’t worried the first time I noticed this “loosening effect” because I somehow knew it was temporary.

This probably happens because castor oil is a very good humectant and will put moisture into the skin.

I’ve never gotten any such effect through normal usage of castor oil on other parts of my body or my face.

In the beginning, I worried that taking these breaks from my regimen would delay my healing.

I know some might mock me or think me as simple-minded, or even worse, a scam artist…

The other day, someone asked me in the comments if I was writing about castor oil because I make money by selling it.

It only matters what I believe/experience/do/ultimately share with the world.

I found that my heavy usage of castor oil would sometimes “loosen” the skin on my scar, making it look a bit wrinkly.

Kind of like the way skin would “prune up” when we stay in a bath too long.

I know my messages will go out to those who really need it. And that is partly why I’ve decided to write this article. My initial injury can be classified as a deep second-degree burn.

Hopefully, it will convince some people to open up their minds a little. This article is quite different from my other ones. THE LONG VERSION: In 2007, I accidentally burned my leg on a hot motorcycle exhaust pipe. After the wound scabbed and peeled over a couple of weeks, the scarred skin that emerged was: In the most recent photo below (March 2011), you can still see a shadow of the scar on my calf.