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In refilling a prescription, the pharmacist may reuse the original container of that prescription if the container is clean and reuseable. § § 1471—1476) which includes the use of child resistant containers.The refill requires a new label containing the information specified in subsection (d). (b) Prescriptions kept on file in the pharmacy must meet the following requirements: (1) Prescriptions on file must show the name and address of the patient; the name and address or other identifier of the prescriber; the date the prescription was issued, if the prescription is for a controlled substance or if it was written with a PRN or ad lib refill designation; the name and quantity of the drug prescribed; directions for its use; cautions communicated to the ultimate consumer by means of auxiliary labels or other means when dispensed to the ultimate consumer; the date the prescription was compounded and dispensed; and the name or initials of the dispensing pharmacist.(h) No prescription may be knowingly filled or refilled for a patient which prescription was written for prior use by a prescriber who is deceased or no longer in practice.(i) Prescriptions for nonproprietary drugs may be refilled for 1 year from the date of the prescription if refills have been authorized by the prescriber.

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This is the position on changes a pharmacist may make to CII prescriptions as stated in the DEA FAQ information.

A container shall have a label containing the name of the drug and, if the name is generic, the name of the manufacturer, its strength, the manufacturer’s control number or other code control number and the expiration date, if any.

A log shall be kept in the pharmacy stating the name of the drug and, if the name is generic, the name of the manufacturer, its strength, the manufacturer’s control number or other code control number, the expiration date, if any, and the date and quantity prepacked.

Electronic prescriptions of Schedule II controlled substances must comply with § 27.201(b) (relating to electronically transmitted prescriptions). (3) If a prescription for a nonproprietary drug is refilled, a record of the refill must show the date of the refill, the name or initials of the dispensing pharmacist and the quantity dispensed.

The pharmacist is responsible for compounding and dispensing nonproprietary drugs consistent with the Federal Controlled Substances Act (21 U. If the pharmacist dispenses a quantity different from that of the original prescription, the pharmacist shall indicate the changes on the back of the original prescription or must enter the changes in the computerized files of the pharmacy.