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Deaths and addictions to painkillers and antidepressants became a public health problem in USA and Canada.

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2076 CHATAN Kitamae Nakachi mansion Foster #5 5 Apt Unfur..

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P8 1897 CHATAN Minato Sea View Apt KAB #1 5 Apt Unfur.. 06/01-17 ¥213,000 my Check Ask 10min'walk Other Peace Housing 098-936-5032 Ocean view. 2264 URUMA-G Gushikawa Moromizato House #J Courtney #1 10 Apt Unfur.. 05/30-17 3/12-15 ¥220,000 my Check Ask Distant View Connector Connector Connector Other Peace Housing 098-936-5032 P4 2251 CHATAN Kamiseido Yonaha Apartment KAB #1 10 Apt Unfur.. P4 2263 NAHA Omoromachi LA Hacienda 602 Other Apt Unfur.. P7 972 KITANAKA Chunjun Sheraton #13 Foster #1 15 House Unfur..

Peace Housing 098-936-5032 with large garden over5000sq, Large Party-Hall, near AEON shopping mall, No inspection P6 2261 URUMA-I Ishikawa(Ishikawa) Ryusei Building 4F Courtney #1 15 Apt Unfur..

Peace Housing 098-936-5032 2260 YOMITAN Sobe Coral lagoon 2 KAB #1 15 Apt Unfur.. ¥330,000 my Check Forbid Distant View Global Destiny HSG 9368889 P5 2257 GINOWAN Ganeko Ganeko House Foster #1 15 Apt Unfur..