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There is a tendency or mainstream – you may call it like that – two third parts of single ladies rushed to register on dating websites.

And we distinguish 40% of those who are fresh to became in the age of 18!

12% of single women divorced or widowed still believe that online dating will help them to say a “good-bye” to their loneliness.

With all their heart they keep communicating and investigating insatiably each new profile of every new single man of the website.

It is based on using the most powerful dating websites and famous mobile applications.

Please find 7 online dating facts below: You see, the first time we investigated online dating activity in Russia we noticed doubt and distrust, and west culture influence rushed to local mentality so that impulse was extremely powerful. Nowadays we can say that about more than a half of all single people use online services for meeting someone.

Thus a positive wave had appeared in all image of romantic relationship on a distance and great progress gave a push for local agencies to grow.

Of course, even today there are adherers of conservative dating and less than 20% used to think thatonline dating is for losers only.

Never lie about your age or what you do for a living.

Each third single man had ever tried online dating.

Nearly 40% of single ladies in Russia confessed they are registered on numorous international dating websites.

70% prefer to get to online dating site or to use apps in 2015.

Besides they did went to the date with a member of the dating site.