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This happens not just in Korea, but in other countries as well.

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Sometimes it’s not that he has drama with his child’s mother but instead that he will be often be away on daddy duty or taking family trips with his ex and child. Most guys you meet are conversing with other women point blank period. If he’s looking for a job, a place to live, or any other thing that men consider important to their definition of stable, date him with caution.But before you fall head over heels, find out what the extent of these other relationships. For some men, relationships are the last thing on their minds when they don’t consider themselves together.And while I am an advocate for not rushing into anything, it may be a good idea to clarify what his idea of “rushing” or “taking it slow” is.You may be taking it slow for years and end of in one of those “we’ve been together for 10 years and he still hasn’t proposed” situations. A job, a college education, never been in jail, never stripped, never laid up with old men, never had my kids taken away. I ran into her at Walmart spoke with her and remember thinking she had a beautiful smile so the brown teeth not sure there is any truth to that. She is putting on a show for Nick, Johnny, Chad, and Doug not to mention all from out of town she has been seeing. Has any of you seen TIffany lately , she did hit a rough patch but looks amazing. It is a shame you people can't see the good in people if she is a stripper so what and why would you care.Before he was all about setting up dates and times when he would see me.That changed to responses like "let's see how the day goes." It feels like a chase, like a game.

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Clearly this isn’t a deal breaker, we’ve all been hurt before, but signs he isn’t over his ex are definitely something to look out for.In situations like these 14 scenarios you should at least proceed with caution.Usually guys aren’t one to talk about their feelings, especially in the beginning.However, if his financial situation affects him more than it does you, then allow him space, if needed, to get his money up before you get too serious.If he and his girl broke up within the last five or six months, be careful.You don’t have to stay away from every man because he had a girlfriend in the past year, but just make sure you’re not a rebound chick.