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If they love a certain stand-up comic, use the beginning of one of their jokes (Google is your friend at times like these).

Create something that’s witty and warm and demonstrates you’ve read their profile, as opposed to just flicking through their photos. Research has shown that people warm towards hearing their own name in conversation.

It's more fun Some dating sites claim to be the place to find someone to marry.

At NZDating we say the best relationships come from having fun making lots of friends - meanwhile 'the one' often magically appears!

Evan, what kind of ‘constructive feedback’ did you give when asked?

I’d be suspicous of someone’s motives for asking such a question.

How about not having a terribly uncomfortable and unnecessary conversation?

How about not hashing out the whys and the hows after only one date?

Instead, start by saying what caught your eye about their profile.Anyone who’s ever dated online has had that moment – the blinking cursor, the empty text box, the racing heart, and the brain so temporarily empty, it has tumbleweed running through it. Make yourself a soothing cup of tea, and we’ll talk about how to do it right.This is basic, but sometimes daters forget that the first thing a match will do when they receive an interesting email is click on the profile of the person who sent it.Believe me, I’ve been on the other side of women who let me know just what they thought about me – even if I didn’t ask.And once you’ve been told to your face by a date, “I’m just not attracted to you,” you start seeing the value in moving on via email…What do you do when you hit it off with someone in an email correspondence and in phone conversations, and then when you meet you find them unattractive? The only reason I see fit to offer my thoughts is if someone asks for genuine constructive feedback.