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READ MORE Two people with drastically different backgrounds and survival strategies take on some of the planet's most unforgiving terrain to demonstrate how the right skills and creative thinking can keep you alive in the most dangerous situations A group of the best survival experts in the world take on an un-survivable situation: 40 days. The countdown to the end of the world has begun for these preppers.
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However since 1999, Islamist parties failed to gain power, or in fact on the decline.

The adoption of shariah law is ‘clustered’ by region or district instead of following a national trend.

In fact it was suggested that the military revived Darul Islam in many forms, including Jemaah Islamiah, for various reasons.

In the post-1998 democratisation, Islamist movements have been influential, but not Islamist parties.

Islamist parties are not the transformation belt of Islamist agenda.

State elites mediate the influence of groups in the society.

Q&A INCLUDING WITH DR JONES and DR CHAPLIN Indonesia can be divided into 6 clusters in terms of ‘Shari’ah implementation’.

On the other hand, many (but not all) of the more hardline Islamist movements post-1998 have direct links – which are often familial – to Darul Islam Rebellion 1948-1962.Yet they still need local allies whose ideology and orientation are not often aligned to theirs.By allying themselves with Islamist movements, the elites moderate and control sphere of influence of the latter and benefit from their grassroot reach.HT and FPI, among many, have become more sympathetic to ISIS policies.However this is a small trend which is unlikely to see mass transformation from Islamism to extremism.In return Islamist movements benefit from political representation at national level.