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As soon as ACE bets, a man erases a number from the chalkboard and replaces it was a '6', changing the odds. He even figured out the different bounce you got off the different kinds of wood they used on college basketball courts, you know? GYM/BOOKIE JOINT PUBLIC PHONES - DAY The two GAMBLERS we saw sauntering out of the bookie joint are racing to the nearest public phones. O.) He'd get the wind velocity so he could judge the field goals.

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O.) The bosses would come from all over the place: Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee. And they would meet in the back of this produce market in Kansas City. NANCE shakes hands with AMERICO CAPELLI, sixty-eight, a bald, affable Milwaukee entrepreneur and ARTHUR CAPP, his thirty- year-old yuppie lawyer son. On VINCENT BORELLI, seventy-year-old Kansas City boss. On VINNIE FORLANO, mid-seventies, an old-timer who once drove for Capone and is now Remo Gaggi's right-hand man.

Piscano dips a piece of bread into a pot of tomato sauce. O.) Because they controlled the Teamsters' Union, and that's where you had to go if you wanted to borrow money to buy a casino. FORLANO gets up from the table and walks toward NANCE. O.) Guys like this antique here [FORLANO], out of Detroit. On ANDY STONE, a middle-aged man at a podium giving a speech while GREEN, seated at a table, looks on. ACE and SHERBERT, sitting next to GREEN, also watch the photo op ceremony. O.) As far as the world was concerned Andy Stone, the head of the Teamsters' Pension Fund, was a legitimate guy.

PISCANO'S MOTHER (Carrying a plate of food to the table where BORELLI and FORLANO are seated.) Here you are, gentlemen. O.) And nobody got a Teamsters' loan, unless the guys in this room knew they were gonna get their little suitcases. ANDY STONE (Off-screen, from following scene) I know it's a little early for Las Vegas... TANGIERS EXECUTIVE OFFICE PRESS CONFERENCE/BANQUET ROOM - DAY Camera tilts down a model of the Tangiers Hotel and Casino, then reveals the cover of Business Week magazine with a drawing of PHILIP GREEN, a young corporate type, smiling out under the headline: 'Philip Green, Vegas Wunderkind'. S.) ..I do want to welcome the ladies and gentlemen of the gaming industry.

Satisfied the die is not loaded ACE sets it on the craps table, the camera cranes up to reveal the Tangiers Casino floor. O.) But the only thing he ever directed was the casino. Direct overhead tracking shot as ACE walks between two rows of gaming tables. O.) He'd find out the kind of inside stuff nobody else knew, and that's what he'd put his money on. GYM/BOOKIE JOINT, BACK HOME, PRE-SEVENTIES - DAY ACE walks past two boxers sparring in a ring, through a doorway into a room where several gamblers are seated around a table. O.) Even back home, years ago, when we were first hangin' out together... The bookie, LUCKY LARRY, is waiting for ACE to hand in his picks.

ACE is looking at the odds board for college football games.