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According to the University of New Hampshire's Crimes Against Children Research Center, one in seven youths who log on to the internet are sexually solicited by an online predator.

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So, if waiters frequently ignore you and people break line In front of you with no apparent malicious intent As though You were only a soft column supporting the building, Cry no longer, there is a place for you Where being forgettable is an asset.The point of being a woman of mystery is to remain a mystery; To walk on padded cat’s feet in the dark night, To pass through a room without turning a head, To live without making a stir To be a pebble that disappears into the water Without leaving so much as a ripple. A unification of soul A happening of rhythm A sit and talk by the firelight And sip on stars. May35, Friday I go in the hospital for weightloss surgery. They've lost at least half of themselves, and kept it off.&I am channeling my loveto where it needs to go Because I am parched and thirsty From wandering so long In these wastelands of sex on demand These deserts of disconnected desire.A lover with honorable intentions Is sweet as good drinking water.I imagine his jacket is autographed but the names smeared weird. Most of mine were inspired by aonce in a lifetime love lost in the seaof Life.i noticed a lot of great writers here,so i'll most assuredly be back for opinoins. Back to Ruthton Callous borne of shoe leather worn From beating path to lover's door She sits inside astride a hope Though not wont to see nor lover be Selectively deaf to my ring and ringings Seemingly singing to knocks knocked But so surreptitiously unheard Absurd so fraught with wanton melody Time chimes and passes sequestered Lingering longer well past worn out welcomes Night falls bound to sinking suspicions Aroused by insanely insidious intent Summarily cast aside as simple protestations Of some hurried harrowed harbinger Begging for loose change for potent potables News used to fill nothing but the holes Of leather soles beaten still to lover's door No more patience for more hear or how Time to take an old path to a new path On a road less traveled by those well traveled Back to Ruthton And Ruthton's simple ways Numbers numbered last Two Eight Four Soon one more or perhaps more than one The teeth of the unseen carnivore Make feasts of us all But know that the flesh, though broken, Is as holy as any communion wafer Held high and blessed And broken and shared To nourish a community.Luna’s filling the dairy he’s speaking in musical code. Know that as we change form, Though torn, devoured and rendered to pulp We do not disappear But simply become Something more divine.Tents and cookouts and outhouse doors And poetry everywhere The spirit moves Factor in the THIRD weekend in August. Think poetry And drums And flutes And guitars And voices And banners And billowing sails Ist annual poetic drum and flute fest and gathering of very cool people who pontificate in poetry, at Deva Gardens. Hopefully in a few months time, people will see "less" of me! With both though, there were some post operative problems, so be careful. You'll have to fight the guys off, you're already beautiful, you know........It was a hard decision to make and the surgery is a tool, not a fix. Mother Courage Looking withinstepping out into the dark Candle of hope Promise of change Doing whatever is needed.

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They love the sea like many a man loves a woman -Riding the surface the of her skin They think they have seen her moods, tasted a bit of her wetness Felt her motion and known her completely. Luna’s a gay man his eyes twirl with a manic-retro violet-twitch.I invite you to come deeper Than you have ever dared to venture before. There is no shame in being too weak For my full embrace. Go back now and I will wait For I know you will soon again grow weary Of the surface, of men-at-war and iron-clad vessels.Later, in port, some proud captain will relate How fiercely he fought to protect his lady, his ship From the ravishing fury of Neptune.Far removed is the solid land Where the earth can be held securely underfoot.You have even left the surface waters Where ships bearing women’s names are driven By foul-mouthed men to reach the land again.I know what you have risked to come here -To the woman Sea and the goddess Moon.