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Dating your best friend39s ex husband

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We could have discussed factors like how long has it been since they dated? Dealing with their ex behind their back will always be a recipe for drama.If everyone can handle it and is ok with the situation, then do what makes you happy.So Red would come up and hang out with me on some weekends.He lives about an hour or so away from me but would take me to dinner and a movie or other things.I’m just saying it isn’t worth ruining a friendship over some sex.

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Jump to late 20 my brother got into trouble with the law and Red was there for dating your ex husband's best friend me through it all.

He would talk to me and talk to my brother while he was away and even went with me to visit him while he was locked.

This went on for a year, we never hooked up and I never looked at him other than a friend because I was in my ice queen no men allowed phase due to the divorce. Still he was hanging out with my ex husband cause they are best friends.

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