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Produced by fellow Kiwis Aaron Short (The Naked And Famous, Space Above) and Leroy Clampitt (Taste Nasa), the track marks her first release of new music since the debut self-titled EP in March 2016.

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Few studies have examined the inherent ability of herpesvirus DNA polymerases to engage in strand displacement synthesis, and none have examined strand displacement by an exo-deficient (i.e., exo) polymerase.In a rolling-circle model for HSV DNA replication, the pol and UL42 proteins failed to produce long strand displacement products in the absence of other replication proteins (11).High inherent excision rates on matched primer-templates and rapid idling-turnover (successive rounds of excision and polymerization) of exo-proficient polymerases correlated with poor strand displacement activity.The results suggest that the exo activity of HSV-1 pol modulates its ability to engage in strand displacement, a function that may be important to the viability and genome stability of the virus.An important role for the 3′ to 5′ exo activity of polymerases is in the coupled removal of misincorporated nucleotides during polymerization, resulting in increased fidelity of DNA synthesis (10, 15, 21, 25).However, the 3′ to 5′ exo activity influences other activities of polymerases, such as strand displacement synthesis.Thus, modulation of strand displacement by the associated exo activity of polymerases may be generally important for an organism's long-term viability and genome stability.

Each of the HSV-1 genes encoding proteins used in these studies was cloned into a baculovirus genome downstream from the polyhedrin promoter and expressed in Sf-9 insect cells as previously described (7).The D368A mutant pol has been reported to possess no detectable 3′ to 5′ exo activity (2, 19) and is thought to be defective in the ability to coordinate divalent cations required for cleavage.A baculovirus recombinant that expresses the D368A exo pol catalytic subunits were purified alone or as a stable complex with the UL42 processivity factor as detailed previously (7).Mutations resulting in loss of the exo function of pol δ, while well tolerated alone, were synthetically lethal when combined with flap endonuclease 1 (Fen-1) null mutations (17).Fen-1 has been shown to be important in the processing of Okazaki fragments during lagging-strand synthesis (3), and in vitro biochemical analysis demonstrated that the increased strand displacement activity of exo-deficient pol δ leads to an uncoupling of 5′ flap production and cleavage of flaps by Fen-1 (1, 16).(B) Purified wild-type pol (lanes 2 to 6) or pol/UL42 complex (lanes 7 to 11) was preincubated with 0.5 n M minicircle P/T and d NTPs in the presence of EDTA, and reactions were initiated by the addition of Mg Cl.