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Y., says teens who date secretly are grappling with their identity as Muslims.

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” Iqbal was ashamed that she kept her 3-month old relationship a secret.

NEW YORK (WOMENSENEWS)– Before posting pictures of her boyfriend, 17-year-old Sania Iqbal blocked all her Muslim family members from her social media page.

It wasn’t until a younger cousin took a screen shot that captured the images that she realized she wasn’t as covert as she thought she was.

She asked that her last name not be used to protect the identities of her family friends. Now, a college freshman at Hofstra University, she occasionally has feelings for her male friends but represses them because she doesn’t feel like she has the tools to handle a relationship.

The 17-year-old says her Muslim friends who date are just being teens. She is also wary about male-female relationships because she’s seen too many of her friends’ parents force a break-up.