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Table culture in the dining hall bestows human dignity and acknowledgement on the neglected and destitute. Also, it would be unlikely to use a term like 'verloederen' for someone's 'geestelijke achteruitgang'. This is about mental patients, or spectrum - those on the brink, those who do not get health care for whatever reason and yes, they visibly go down.

Gedacht wordt aan dak- en thuislozen, zorgwekkende zorgmijders, zichzelf verwaarlozende, gemarginaliseerde groepen.Ik laat me vooral leiden door de omschrijving van 'verloederden': "niet of niet voldoende in de eigen bestaansvoorwaarden kunnen voorzien" 100% equivalentie is normaliter al niet haalbaar, laat staan hier.the destitute" "bestaansvoorwaarden" is a very vague term. So, the person is unable to provide themselves with these things. In any case, I would definitely use some sort of solution as I just now outlined, with the brackets and explanation, so it makes some sense to the poor reader. just choose one of our ill-fitting, literal translations (such as "The neglected and destitute") and do sth like this, the first time the term is mentioned in the text: ‘Verkommerden en verloederden’ (roughly: ‘The neglected and destitute’)(a specific subset of vulnerable groups/populations as defined by the Trimbos Institute and Research voor Beleid) The next time the term appears, you can then choose to use only the original, or the English you mean that you are translating a glossary written in 2002?if it's a glossary, is also defined in your glossary?i.e., can you give us any more of the surrounding context of the term? When you're destitute in the sense of being poor, you're technically "destitute of money." You can be destitute of other things as well.