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You can’t put a number on love, is what my Grandma always told me. I’m not sure what it was in my profile that made Steve and the data wizards at think I would have anything in common with a 66-year-old woman (other than maybe my love of “Murder, She Wrote”), but it was clear they still needed to iron out the kinks in their true love formula.

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Is it too fashionable and lady gaga-like, or does his pants hang low around his knees all the time? Dressing style and fashion apart, if you’re going to be walking down a street arm in arm a few weeks from now, you have to like your date’s attire.

Or is your date’s favorite color combination pink and florescent green? If you feel hot around the collar or cross your fingers and hope your friends don’t come by, there’s a good chance you’re not going to like being in their arms in the near future. If you want to get to know someone on a date, focus on the attitude.

If you could understand how to get to know someone you meet for the first time and figure out if there’s a hope for compatibility, it could make life less confusing, especially when it comes to love and important relationships. How to get to know someone on a date It usually takes a few minutes to let the impression at first sight kick in, but it does take more than just a few minutes to get to know someone beyond first sight and test your compatibility. But we’re all visual and it does help make a decision on a date.

If the sparks are flying and you’re really happy to be on a date with this person, there’s a good chance that there’s a happily ever after in the cards for you.

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How would you describe your date’s personality after the first few minutes?

Is it nervous, calm, upbeat, positive, passable or confident?