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I have scars, cuts and bruises on my body from the various medical devices I use, this is OK. If I wake up in the night, you will probably wake up in the night (until you get used to my intermittent sleeping patterns). There may be occasions when I wake during the night to pee, drink water, check my blood glucose levels, take insulin if my blood sugars are high and, or, treat a blood sugar that is too low.Sometimes I will want to talk about living with diabetes, sometimes I will want to shut it out, even if only for a moment, to take a much needed breather, this is OK. I am perfectly imperfect and I am perfectly happy being this way. If I wake up it’s more than likely you will wake up too, but don’t worry, this temporary disruption won’t last forever, you will learn to sleep through it with time.And I will use my ninja stealth and 14 years of being a nocturnal diabetic to be as quiet as possible.I will make subtle, but important, educational comments about diabetes because it’s important to me.

Edging Mr W slowly in to the world of type 1 diabetes, my alter-ego, Ninjabetic, and endless supplies of jelly babies, there are a few things that I wish people knew about dating someone with type 1.

A big part of my life is about helping to stamp out stigma, to provide factual information and to advocate for better awareness of my condition.

This is something that is incredibly important and I would like it to be important to you as well.

Sometimes the things I do may seem unusual to others, but are the norm for me and it would be helpful to give people a heads up at times. One day I will eat the entire contents of your fridge.

This may seem extreme, and I may be exaggerating slightly, however, there will be times when my blood glucose will become low and the instinct to survive will kick in.