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Being a nice guy is probably the worst thing to be when it comes to online dating.

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Before all this there was a cold chill by the basement cellar.Even though the heat was on the beds where always ice cold and the moaning coming from the cellar sounded like a man with a deep voice.

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It is a reserve an hour from peace river, at times when you walk by the graveyard at night you have a feeling of being watched, it is said that if you fool around in it after dark, a tall dark figure will chase you out, also at times weird lights will be seen at night over the lake since the graveyard is right next to it.

a very adventurous lady and a lady with bunches of laugh.

i am actually new at this and sometimes its kind of hard to express myself.

An old school/church is across the road in the middle of the field, coinciding with the graves.

This was an old hospital in the 1940's, and many people died here.