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I’ve heard horror stories of cheating, abuse, and outright disrespect.
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I deleted the app after four or five conversations that all ended the same way.*Opening joke to seem charming**Charming response back*“You seem pretty clever what kind of history you into? ”*I offer some part of the French Revolution that I’m interested in and ask them about something in their profile.*“You from here? ”*Cut and paste pat response*“Oh wow, interesting.”“Sometimes.

It’s usually just a fun job.”“I guess we can do anything we want ; )”*Dismayed silence*“Hey sexy girl.”*Exhausted nonresponse*“You still want to hang out? I’m impatient, so it is challenging, but the results have been somewhat surprising.

I saw he was coming to LA in the near future and we struck up a conversation on Twitter that quickly went to text. After his set, we met at the bar and talked about a way to get him on my show. He was curious about what I was about, what I wanted to do with my life, what my ambitions were.

I tried to explain the premise of my show.“I know most people won’t care that I think about things because I’m a porn girl, but I’m trying to sneak it in there.

Netflix is like weed to me, and I have a diet that involves things called ‘cheat days’ and ‘shame spirals.’ I like the words ‘overmuch’ and ‘evermore.’ I’m a feminist and progressive and have a graduate education and really strong views about the wage gap.

I write for an edutainment program about history on You Tube, I have a podcast, and, also, I’m a porn star.”This little chunk of text actually served me well. What I learned is that a lot of people know someone who is in the adult industry and a lot of people don’t really mind potentially fucking a girl that fucks professionally.

It wasn’t until a year later when I started shooting scenes with men as well that it hit me.

(It’s like the institutionalized sexism I’ve toiled under all my life was telling me lies . I have a podcast where I interview comedians, and I found a guy from New York I really wanted to have on. He was stunning, attractive, intelligent, and with a kind of magnetism that made it feel like you’d already seen him on his own TV show.But I also didn’t worry too much about what might happen if I ever wanted to date a “civilian," since I wouldn’t have to explain much more than that I had sex with women on camera sometimes.They’d probably get into a high fiving contest with their friends.Most correspondences devolved into these vaguely sexual exchanges. Having been an adult for a while, I’ve seen relationships that work and ones that don’t, but the rule is that every couple is unique and they all have to negotiate the very normal human feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and self-interest. Tinder was too sexually charged for me because I was a sex worker.There’s an assumption that you want to engage with people’s erections at all times.“You’re so sexy. ”I understand it’s meant as a compliment, but the problem is that most of my interactions are based on my looks, and the main thing I’m looking for when I decide if I’m going to date someone is a sense of rapport. Not in the fun way where everyone wants to fuck you, but in the un-fun way where everyone wants to be unabashedly honest with you about their sexual desires and hang-ups because you’re not a “normal person” anymore.As much as I tried to keep my job out of the conversation in the getting-to-know-you phase of courtship, it’s typical to ask what someone does for a living.