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You can refer to one or several of these areas as woods, and this is the usual form in American English.
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I am also a music fan so eventually the majority of my posts will be songfics and long term stories not very many one-shots. As far as types of music i like i can't answer that. Writing Progress: (Ranges from unfinshed story to solid idea)Chapter 13 (12): War Games - i Carly Chapter 4: Give My Regards - i Carly New Story: Regrets (working title) - i Carly Recent Epiphany: (Just random silliness)Mo' Money, Mo' Porblems.

my taste is: If i like it then I like if I don't then I don't. So all of my favorite industries have succumbed to money grabs.

I've been known to occasionally watch pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

As far as non anime tv i am a big kid so of course I watch Nickelodeon (Don't Judge ME) anything on that station is at risk for being turned into a Fan Fic by yours truly. if the plot bunny comes you better catch it at least thats what I always say (Sometimes). Couples that I ship: Naru Saku (Naruto and Sakura) Naruto Seddie (Sam and Freddie) i Carly Ichi Ruki (Ichigo and Freddie) Bleach There are couples that I do imply in my fics but if i haven't writen a fic especially for them then I dont' consider myself to be shipping themjust because I write a fic for a certain couple doesn't mean that I am shipping them.

The only thing preventing a riot in the streets was the gamer's instinctual need to remain indoors unless absolutely necessary (necessities vary from gamer to gamer but that's for another set of ramblings). their games didn't even have to be finished before they shipped them. which, in short, determines how many millions that players can get paid all at once. You can also follow me on the Twitters for more quotes and other ridiculousness, or just pop in to say hi. but i'm rarely doing anything there With the spirt of and eagle I use my free will I decide where I go until I decide to stay stillwhen I tire of my resting place I spread my wings and fly away No one can tell me when to wait They must keep up or get outta my way No border can stop me I go where I please No dead ends. No boundaries No mountain to high I reach it with ease Many watch in envyas I reach the peak I can do what I want My limit's the skyno one can stop me Hard as they may try My wings are my strengthand with them I flywith my spirit I soarwith the light as my guide.

But while the gamers saw a new and innovative way of interacting with more people like us, the gaming developers saw something entirely different. Now that games were online they didn't have to spend money on game testers. Instead they could get us to pay 60 dollars for game and when we found their glitches they'd sell us patches to fix the glitches for anywhere from 10 to 25 to even 40 dollars. Football players decided that their millions weren't enough and that the owners' and rookies' millions were too much. the corruption was for all intents and purposes inevitable i suppose. But when thier in fighting and money scheming interfere with my ability to enjoy these things it brings all of their problems to the forefront. So thats me in a nutshell; a very small nut shell I wil update as i feel information is needed (that includes any questions you may have).

His plans are thrown for a loop, however, when he finds Cassandra waiting for him just as he's about to leave."No way in hell would I ever fall in love with you! Link stopped mid-step out the door at her outburst, back still turned to her. Astrid Hofferson's life is perfect, but then she realizes that it's not even close. Crappy summary i know but give the story a chance please and thank you. This is the story of how Sam and Freddie became Seddie. the story's good though It's Summer break in Konoha and Plans are being discussed.

Toothless rescued Hiccup during the final exam and evaded capture by leaving with Hiccup.The inner hollow refered to Ichigo as King and when the inner hollow lost he was talking to Zangetsu (Ichigo's Sword) and he said "I had to let him win.He is the king of this world (refering to Ichigo's mind) for now..." And that is why I call myself King. they are my favorite animal one of the few thing in my life that has been consistant throughout my life (ohers being my love for TV and Video Games and my hatred of reality tv).What's up people of the fanfiction universe (that's right. deal wit it.) I of course will not give you guys my real name or birthday but I can give you some other little tidbits about myself.My Pen Name: My name is not Leon nor am I a king or 21. In one episode (can't remeber which) Ichigo had to battle his inner hollow.they're apparently still going to have the draft so the top picks will have their guaranteed money to fall back on. He wants to promise her forever like he used to, way before things got too complicated and everyone grew up. " Her bright emerald eyes are shining with tears as she searches his dark irises looking for a definite answer. (Rating will eventually change)Nami is a girl from East Blue, one of the most crime ridden cities in all of All Blue.