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This proves the most economical method because underglaze porcelain demands only one firing at the very high temperature (1,400 degrees Centigrade) required to fuse the porcelain mass and the glaze.At this point in time only cobalt blue can withstand such a high temperature.An old post yard on Kbmagergade, in the centre of Copenhagen, is converted to house the manufactory.A labourous beginning 1775: Blue Fluted 1779: The King takes over the porcelain manufactory 1779: Blue Flower The manufactorys first years are a hard daily struggle against fluctuating and poor raw materials, lack of experience, unsuccessful firings, disappointing experiments.Following years of experimentation and trials he succeeds in producing the coveted hard porcelain, and receiving the backing of the royal family.

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crazing and cracks, with light utensil marks visible if you hold it up to the light.

The date 1750 is printed in some marks, but it is not the date the factory started. Many pieces have marks of some type but these are no guarantee of. were based on historic pots (some dating back to Roman times) found there and.

make porcelain in the style of Svres was Coalport, which also copied the styles. and beverage specialities) to ensure famous fine china names, like Coalport,.

the date 1850 refers to when the factory Foley China Works was first.

The Wedgwood date for introduction of this pattern is 1991. Note E Brain Co took over the business of Coalport China in 1958 and since.