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University of Michigan graduate Meghan Cuneo, 24, has tried many of the popular smartphone dating apps, but she hasn't been thrilled with the selection, the attitudes and all that swiping right."Bumble just tended to be anti-climactic, and Tinder was like skeevy," she said, adding that she was particularly turned off by the aggressive culture she found on Tinder, the most well-known of the apps. I just did not like the conversations you're having because it all insinuates a one-night stand, hookup kind of thing."That is why Cuneo is looking forward to Nov.
Mural Arts Philadelphia added its own wrinkle to the Frank Rizzo statue controversy Tuesday, unveiling a provocative piece of public art on Thomas Paine Plaza at the Municipal Services Building across from City Hall: a 12-foot Pop Art Afro pick topped by a handle that looks like a Black Power fist.

Dating relationship breakups

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The more you are able to vocalize these feelings, the better you will be able to deal with a breakup.10.) Everything happens for the good – understand that everything happens for the good.Remember, “Revenge is the confirmation of pain.” It also ties you up with the past – never allowing you to really move ahead. 7.) Take up a new hobby – you might find that time lies heavy on your hands. Read, watch TV or develop a new hobby which would occupy you and also bring you joy.You might even try to use your free time for a professional course or learning a new language.

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1.) Accept the end – Once the break up happens, you need to put it behind you and cope with the negative feelings that well inside you. Do not cling onto the hope that a miracle would happen and things would go back to normal. 2.) Respect yourself – never blame yourself for a break-up. Do not punish yourself and do not entertain thoughts of ending your life or anything as drastic.Respect yourself enough to give yourself another chance to be happy.3.) Pamper yourself for a while – it hurts when you live through a break up.You will realize how much love you are taking for granted while you are crying for the one love that is no more yours.Count your blessings in the love of your family, your close friends and renew these wonderful emotional bonds.Do not hope that the break-up would be reversed by some magic and you would be back together as if nothing happened. There is life after a break up and chances are that the right person is there out looking for you just at this very moment.