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Diesel's The Fate of the Furious, which has taken in more than 5 million in the states, has made more than .23 billion internationally, good enough for the 11th top-earning film of all-time.

Dating point 24

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Current debates about which are the “best” fossil dates for calibration move to consideration of the most appropriate constraints on the ages of tree nodes.

Because fossil-based dates are constraints, and because molecular evolution is not perfectly clock-like, analysts should use more rather than fewer dates, but there has to be a balance between many genes and few dates versus many dates and few genes.

object is modified so that it represents a point in time within the specified month, with the year, date, hour, minute, and second the same as before, as interpreted in the local time zone.

If the date was October 31, for example, and the month is set to June, then the new date will be treated as if it were on July 1, because June has only 30 days.

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For example, if the current year is 1999 then years in the range 19 to 99 are assumed to mean 1919 to 1999, while years from 0 to 18 are assumed to mean 2000 to 2018.

The distinction between UTC and UT is that UTC is based on an atomic clock and UT is based on astronomical observations, which for all practical purposes is an invisibly fine hair to split.

Because the earth's rotation is not uniform (it slows down and speeds up in complicated ways), UT does not always flow uniformly.

The arguments are interpreted as a year, month, day of the month, hour of the day, minute within the hour, and second within the minute, exactly as for the constructor with six arguments, except that the arguments are interpreted relative to UTC rather than to the local time zone. time-zone abbreviations, but for general use, a time-zone offset should be used: "Sat, GMT 0430" (4 hours, 30 minutes west of the Greenwich meridian).

The time indicated is returned represented as the distance, measured in milliseconds, of that time from the epoch ( GMT on January 1, 1970). If the attempt is successful, the time indicated is returned represented as the distance, measured in milliseconds, of that time from the epoch ( GMT on January 1, 1970). It accepts many syntaxes; in particular, it recognizes the IETF standard date syntax: "Sat, GMT". If no time zone is specified, the local time zone is assumed. The string If the recognized year number is less than 100, it is interpreted as an abbreviated year relative to a century of which dates are within 80 years before and 19 years after the time when the Date class is initialized.