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If you're wanting to meet at the drop of a hat then chances are I won't be fully made up - what do you guys think we do, sit around dressed and fully made up all day?!
Devices can position themselves based on accurate (atomic clock) time transmitted from the satellites and their knowledge of the satellite's positions.

Dating ovation guitars by serial number

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The modern Ovation guitar with a Lyracord back was born.

However, management was not interested in his ideas.

Kaman realized how he could put his skills to another use.

Martin and Harmony Kaman’s helicopter blades were made of Sitka spruce, like Martin’s guitar tops, and with their expertise in precision tooling, he felt he could make guitars.

Then, one weekend his combo got the biggest gig of its career – opening for Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra.

Charlie was hot that night, and Dorsey took notice.