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Something to ponder as you read these pages: We know of no source which insists Native Americans were exclusively the Mongol mulatto we know so well, like Geronimo and the like, except American Television and Movies.All other sources, like period ARTIFACTS and SCIENTIFIC studies, clearly show that Blacks were THE major component of the Paleo American demographic.At that time they spoke a variety of languages, the Ohlone languages, belonging to the Costanoan sub-family of the Utian language family, which itself belongs to the proposed Penutian language phylum.The term "Ohlone" has been used in place of "Costanoan" since the 1970s by some descendant groups and by most ethnographers, historians, and writers of popular literature.The Ohlone population declined steeply during this period.[Adapted from a translation by Susan Tarrow of the Cellere Codex, in Lawrence C.The question is: Are they Australians/Polynesians who migrated North from South/Central America, or are they remnants of the Xi/Olmec who broke-off as the main group headed south into Mexico?

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Recent archaeological data can be used to support a dual occupation of the New World, either directly or indirectly.

The essence of his art is truth; a fresh, vigorous view of life, and an originality in portrayal." The accompanying illustrations may therefore be looked upon as faithfully representing the subjects treated by the artist.

After the voyage of the Ruric, Choris went to Paris where he issued a portfolio of his drawings in lithographic reproduction and studied in the ateliers of Gerard and Regnault. He documented the Ohlone people in the missions of San Francisco, California in 1816.

Dixon, for example, analyzed the diversity of the projectile points found in the earliest sites of North America and concluded that two different and independent cultural traditions (or cultures) entered the continent in the final Pleistocene.

According to Dixon, bow-and-arrow technology was brought to the Americas only by the second tradition, because the atlatl was the primary hunting weapon of the first." Quote: When the classical Mongoloid cranial morphology appeared in northeastern Asia, either as a local response to extreme environmental conditions, or as the product of a migration from northern Europe, a new expansion of northern Asians reached the New World, bringing with it a cranial morphology characterized by short, wide neurocrania and broad, retracted faces.