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Dating has become an internet commerce, a television reality-show, and a hobby for many, many people.

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Wtf kind of friend fucks with a married woman in the first place knowing she lives with her husband and child, than gives her a ring for Christmas? My HEART is broken and I'm trying to trust woman again. She had met the guy at work and had been texting him for 6 months, 4 months in the relationship became physical. It makes them feel better to rewrite what happened, and they actually end up believing their own version. What your cheating spouse believes is something you can’t control, so let it go. 3 hours later after no call or text my daughter sees a picture of her mom and some dude hugging by a Christmas tree. For Christmas he bought her a ring and she still says he's a friend. Reply My wife left me for a man 18 yrs older me and sick. After 11 years 4 KIDS she is my second REAL relationship. Reply After 9 years together and 4 of marriage and 2 wonderful kids, my wife left me after stating she had met someone else. You are grownup and you understand how important it is to be empathetic. They want love, companionship, romance and commitment and are doing their best to navigate the rocky shores of dating over 40. Nice, successful, decent people who find themselves single at this time in their life.They’ll text me non-stop for an entire weekend, totally disappear, and then email me ten days later.“Rules Girl” tactics are common: don’t return phone calls or texts for 48 hours, don’t pick up the phone for scheduled phone dates, etc. The disappearing, the game-playing, the crazy expectations, the mixed messages? It protected me from ever giving any man of quality a chance to see me or touch my soul. He told us that he loves women, “if only they weren’t so complicated.” And he graciously gave me permission to publish his email because he wants to help women understand more about how men feel, what they want and don’t want.

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I just met a woman whose husband cheated 8 years ago. They got back together three years later and have now been together for 5. Any relationship (which includes marriage, of course) deserves un-relented passion. Every woman wants that forever, and I think it can be achieved if worked for. Reply My wife just left me and our 3 year old child 2 weeks before Christmas.

I get an enormous volume of contacts but these fifty year olds are like herding cats on caffeine. One second they’re super interested and then a day later it’s “hmmm, well, I’m not sure, yes, no, maybe, catch me if you can”.

They break up with me and then come back to renegotiate what I could best describe as a non-physical/friends with emotional benefits/rental husband offer (which doesn’t sound too appealing to me to be honest).

One of my most popular blogs on Divorced Girl Smiling is called, “Honey, I want a Divorce: when a Woman Decides to Leave.” There are currently 68 comments posted from men and women who have yelled at each other (in writing), battling this argument out: When a woman leaves you, is it justified? The following comment (from a man) particularly caught my attention because he brings up many good but arguable points: It’s a mind-blowingly painful thing for a man to have images of his sweet and loving wife in the throes of passion with another man. Some married man comes along, pays them attention and compliments, and before you know it they are sexting and talking bad about each other’s spouses, how they were meant for each other, etc. Don’t complain about neglect or lack of romance if your loving husband becomes the ‘boring’ husband during your affair. Life is not just about un-relented passion and joy and feeling ‘alive’. Deep down I know she feels regret it is she just can't get past this infacuation she has with this older man (19 years older).

To know that the same night they were kissing and reading storybooks to their children, this same “wife” had been out giving a blowjob to her tennis instructor. They will do anything and everything to protect their image. Affairs reshape the mind, rewrite the history and everything else. You made a commitment, kids need their parents to be whole unit. about all the things you’ve always wanted to say but didn’t dare. Same goes for guys – I’d give them the same advice. Affairs are a fantasy and even if you wind up with your affair partner, the same stuff will most likely come rolling back down later on. He is giving her what she thinks is the love and attention that I wasn't.