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In this way you will be using Tinder Without Facebook.In case you don’t want your personal Facebook account to be linked with Tinder then you can create a new Facebook account exclusively for tinder.Well there is no official way of using TINDER WITHOUT FACEBOOK ACCOUNT still in 2017.As Tinder is built using Facebook’s API and even it’s latest version doesn’t give you the functionality to disable the link between your Facebook and Tinder account.Just open Tinder app and in the Settings you can find Contact option.Using Contact option you can suggest tinder to change their policy regarding Tinder Login Without Facebook.When you link your Facebook account with Tinder, your public photos on Facebook get automatically synchronized with Tinder.

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But if you are not happy with the way Tinder forces you to use Facebook then you can suggest Tinder to change their policy.So if your Tinder account gets hacked then all your dating info will be public as it is linked to your Facebook account, which you will never want to happen.Now that you know why you shouldn’t link your Facebook account with tinder let’s get to the real question can you use tinder without Facebook?But if the thought of your dating life getting public haunts you then you must be trying to find out the ways using which you can use Tinder Without Facebook.So you must be thinking can you use tinder without Facebook? Well, we will get back to this question soon, first let’s take some time to know about questions like Why Tinder Is Linked To Facebook? Also See : Best i OS Emulator To Run i OS Apps On Android If you accidentally click on ‘yes’ to ‘view your contacts’ then Tinder will go through all your contacts in your friend list to find a potential match for you.But we will try to reduce the interference as much as possible.