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A “hostile force on our border,” the narrator warns in grim tones, is engaging in “demographic war” against the United States.

Although it passed in 1994, Prop 187 was stalled for years in the courts and effectively killed in 1998 by the incoming Gov. It was later that year that VCT/AP — along with Barbara Coe’s hard-line California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) and the better-known Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)— began working with the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC).The name was later changed to Voice of Citizens Together to broaden the group’s appeal.Later, the American Patrol (AP) name was added; today, that name is much more commonly used than Voice of Citizens Together.The American pika, a small mammal adapted to high altitudes and cold temperatures, has died out from a 165-square-mile span of habitat in California's northern Sierra Nevada mountains, and the cause appears to be climate change, according to a new study published August 30 in Researchers surveyed pika habitat throughout the north Lake Tahoe area and found that pikas had disappeared from an area that stretches from near Tahoe City to Truckee, more than ten miles away, and includes Mount Pluto.This local extinction is the largest area of pika extinction yet reported for the modern era. "This time, however, we're seeing the effects of climate change unfold on a scale of decades as opposed to millennia." Hikers and backpackers can still see pikas in the mountains surrounding the area of extinction.Britain first appeared in the historical records as Julius Caesar campaigned there in 55-54 B. D., then in the 5th century, the Saxons from Friesland, Frisian Islands and north-west Germany, finally the Angles, from present-day Schleswig-Holstein (a German Land) who settled north of the Thames. (first phase), Britain experienced the spread of Christianity, and, from the 8th century, the invasion and occupation by the Vikings, called the "Danes." The most important event of the second phase, the Middle English period (1100-1500 A. The Normans were the North Men, meaning the Vikings from Scandinavia, settled in the Normandy region of France from the 9th century, who had assimilated themselves to the French language and culture.