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Gordon-Levitt's first film as director, the 24 minute-long Sparks, an adaptation of a short story by Elmore Leonard starring Carla Gugino and Eric Stoltz, was selected for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival as part of a new program for short films.
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Dating is expensive

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"Let's get a drink," I'll manically text her around 3 pm, my mouth watering with a thirst for liquor.

And since we're still civilized at 3 pm, we plan to get a drink at Cafe Cluny.

Here’s where the rest sit as well as some comparative information: Japan’s Tokyo and Oslo in Norway are next on the list of the priciest places for courtship, Deutsche Bank’s special report: Mapping the World’s Prices 2017 found.Meanwhile, Quebec City was the cheapest option — and it was still over 0 (3, to be precise).Compared to other major global cities, Toronto was ranked 11th most expensive out of 25, with Oslo, Norway, Tokyo, Japan, New York, USA, Stockholm, Sweden and others out-pricing it.“I’ve had a couple girls say, ‘That was really different. It wasn’t a cliché date.’ It’s more about walking around and seeing things. Those kind of dates have a bit more character.”So how do you date without breaking the bank?Toronto dating experts suggest being selective in who you date, making use of free events or, if necessary, pulling out a dreaded Groupon.All those three-course meals and bottles of wines had most definitely increased the circumference of my thighs. )Later that night, as I procrastinated checking my bank account, I sat on the couch, stared into the exposed brick of my apartment, and asked myself, "Is it more expensive to be single or to be in a relationship?